With thanks to…

With thanks to…

Before we left for this bike trip we were told that it would be the people that made the trip…and we soon realised this was the truth!

Throughout this trip I would like to update this page with the people who made it what it was along the way.

A special thanks to…

Name / Business Location About
Our friends & family Mostly Shropshire Writing each name of our wonderful friends and family who have supported this journey would be too many to write! This includes all friends, all family – near and far, old & new, work colleagues, school friends etc. You know who you are.
All who donate Various Thank you all so much for donating to a wonderful cause that means so much to us. A full list of donations can be found here.
Bicycles by Design Shropshire After a fantastic experience hiring a tandem for Zoe’s 26th turning to Bicycles by Design for support on the trip was a no brainer! Bicycles by Design refined our bike spec, fit our bikes then taught Stew how to build the bike from scratch! We’ve already relied on them for technical support and at the time of writing this it’s been 7 days!
Shropshire Star – Lucy Todman & Jamie Ricketts Shropshire Lucy Todman wrote a lovely article which ended up on the front page of the Shropshire Star! Read here.

Jamie was the photographer – not only was he lovely, but he took the winning shot!!

Shropshire BBC Radio – Jim Hawkins, Eric Smith, Clare Ashford, Mark Elliot & Andrew Broxton Shropshire Zoe contacted Jim Hawkins to tell him about the bike ride. Shortly after she went on the radio!

Zoe was supported by the presenters and Andrew Broxton who is the manager there. Full interview here. Zoe now updates BBC Shropshire regularly and joins Matt Elliot fortnightly for Active Shropshire (Tuesday 7pm – 10pm UK).

Ludlow Advertiser – Adrian Kibbler  Shropshire Adrian has been kind enough to raise awareness for Cardiac Risk in the Young before. We understand this is a charity close to his heart. Thank you for running the world tour story Adrian – front page again!
Kate Carney  Cheshire  Zoe used to work for Kate and is forever grateful for the opportunity Kate provided in Zoe’s career. This relationship blossomed from a meal in York of all places! Kate was the first person to very kindly support the trip itself with a donation to us.
Gemma from Rab!  Bewdley  Jemma spotted us in Bewdley on our first day – we had a natter over lunch and days later Jemma kindly bought us a bottle of wine to keep us going!
Caroline  Evesham  Our AirBnb host in Evesham, a lovely lady who appreciated the value of living life to the full!
 Peter & Mo Farnfield  Dorking Our first experience of warmshowers.org! An interesting person who kindly put us in touch with a contact in Kyrgyzstan.
 Hilary and Barry  Charing  Hilary & Barry – AirBnB hosts who went the extra mile! Lovely to chat to, clothes washed, meals cooked and a poorly knee put right with some good first aid!
 Eva-Rose  Dunkirk  Our first french breakfast – most adequate for a day of cycling! Home cooked pancakes, croissants, fruit and chocolate. A perfect start to the day!
Arnaud Boisleux, Luc Brunet, Caroline Brunet & co!  Arras  In Arras it feels like we made friends. Arnaud was our warmshowers.org host and he introduced us to his friends. We enjoyed wine, dinner and cheese with this group. They helped us tremendously while we nursed a bad ankle – and they even gave us cycling kit to help us on our way.
 Raphael  Livry-Gargan (near Paris) Our AirBnb host in Livry Gargan. We stayed with Raphael for a few nights – he allowed us to post a back light to his house. Typically the light arrived the day we left! Raphael kindly posted it to Baptise in Carpentras.
Ursula Chartrettes Ursula was a brilliant warmshowers host! She could speak 3 languages!! She gave us a bed, a meal and a shower! We hope to stay with Ursula again
Ouiza Chevillon-sur-Huillard We stayed with Ouiza for one night, we had full access to her home! She cared dearly for her husband and made sure we had everything we needed. We’ll hopefully stay with Ouiza again!
Valerie Decize When we arrived to Valerie’s AirBnB it was COLD! Our room was so warm and cosy and the next day she set us up with a brilliant breakfast!
Veronique Paray-le-Monial Veronique has an AirBnB. On our way we realised we had no food for the evening…and everything was closed as it was Sunday. Veronique kindly cooked us a 3 course dinner and a breakfast for a small price.
Patrick & Claire Lyon We were connected with Patrick and Claire via Luc in Arras. What a wonderful stay! We had such a fantastic time in Lyon! We were so lucky to meet such wonderful people.
Benjamin Beausemblant Benjamin was a fantastic warmshowers host. We enjoyed pizza and travelling tales, we had breakfast the next morning then as we had such a short day planned we ended up staying for lunch too – asparagus, lamb and potatoes and strawberries – a delicious Easter Sunday dinner!
Genevieve and Francois Saint-paul-trois-chateaux Here we had a lovely night and morning full of giggles and sharing stories despite the language barrier. We left with some excellent food-tips thanks to Genevieve and Francois.
Baptise Carpentras Basptise was great! He took the delivery from Raphael so we collected our bike light! The evening was spent chilling!
Anissa Manosque Another AirBnB room – Anissa drove about 2 miles to find us as we couldn’t find her home. We cooked in her kitchen then in the morning we were offered a generous breakfast – she then gave us her homemade brioche to take with us.
Islabikes & Steve Champman Shropshire Zoe’s first proper bike was an Islabike and she fell in love with cycling on this bike. She also did JOGLE on it. Without the Beinn29 we wouldn’t be doing this trip today. When Islabikes shared our journey to raise awareness for CRY we were so happy!
Cristina and Ghulam Genoa A wonderful AirBnB stay – we slept well, had a shower and washed all of our clothes! Breakfast was generous and Cristina sent us on our way with extra croissants and fruit for the road.
Sharon England Sharon kindly sent £10 to our PayPal account – she asked we spend it wisely – on a beer to be enjoyed!
 Marko  Sezana Marko was an AMAZING warmshowers host! We were so happy to stay with Marko as we hadn’t stayed with anyone for DAYS! Of course we had a shower, a bed and a meal, but what really made the stay was that we left with a whole new itinerary for the trip! Marko rerouted us through Slovenia, and visiting Croatia, Bosnia… instead of Hungary / Serbia.
Samo Mesac & Rok Mesac Planina We were so grateful for a roof over our heads on this day as it was incredibly windy and cold! We contacted Samo on warmshowers.org. It turned out Samo was not at home, so instead connected us with his son, Rok.


Vrhnika We stopped at a cafe to get some comfort and a hot drink. Barbara who served us in the cafe gave us the most perfect service! The hot chocolate was the best we’d had – Stew tried a white one and a milk one! In the background she was playing some 90s music which I enjoyed and she spoke English very well too!
Jernej Vrhnika We started talking to Jernej at Barbara’s cafe. He cycled and was part of a cycling group who toured. He spotted our bikes outside and we got talking. This year he was hoping to cycle in Iran. When we told him we were heading to Croatia he offered us a place to stay- unfortunately we weren’t going past his home! This wasn’t the last of his offers … as we were saying our goodbyes and I was just about to step onto my bike Jernej asked us to wait … he came back from his van with a gift for the road, some chorizo!
Gorazd Kalan Skofja Loka We found Gorazd on warmshowers. We arrived to his home later than expected and we had been in the rain ALL day – we were soaked!

Gorazd and his family have been in  for many years and Gorazd knows a lot about the area – the history, the town and the good places to eat! He took us out for pizza!


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In April 2018, we met at work and bonded over our love of bikes and cycling! Within months we planned our first John O’Groats to Lands End together.

Luckily for us, Stewart is an experienced cyclist and has already completed a solo 2500 mile JOGLE. Zoe had been cycling for years, but only started taking cycling more seriously in 2017. Since we met cycling has been better and more adventurous than ever!

As of the 31st of March 2019 we are cycling 24,000 miles around the entire world.


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