Venice, what a beautiful place!

Venice, what a beautiful place!


I’ve dreamed about visiting Venice! I never imagined for one moment that my mode of transport to Venice would be a bicycle!

Venice has been on my bucket list for quite sometime, so I was preparing myself to be disappointed – you know how it is, when you’ve hyped something up for so long, sometimes if fails to meet expectations. Well with Venice, this was not the case!

The bikes & Airbnb

We left our bikes at our AirBnB and jumped on a bus and train to get to Venice, for the cyclists it’s worth noting that bikes can’t go to Venice you will need to leave them, locked of course but this makes us nervous.

I know other travellers who’ve done this with no problems…except you’d want to carry your luggage with you and we don’t fancy carrying 6 panniers, a frame bag, a handlebar bag and a saddlebag around with us anyway!

I really think an AirBnB is the way forwards. Plus, you could easily enjoy 2 days in Venice.

The AirBnB we stayed at is here. I would recommend it and I would stay again. The bus stop is minutes away so the commute is EASY! You have a kitchen here too, so if you’re on a budget you can save money on food.

Walking Tours

Like Paris, you can find yourself a tour – free or paid. We looked at Venice Free Walking Tour. As it happens, we didn’t actually go – instead we decided to enjoy Venice in a more relaxed manner, opting to stroll around Venice, simply getting lost in the beautiful streets.

The Water

In Venice, you just have to take a trip on the water, of course you do! There are a few ways you can do this, one being the famous Gondola trip of course, but for us this wasn’t an option. The Gondola is 80 euros, which is 2 days on the road for us. We don’t have the budgets for it. Instead we took the river boat. The boat goes all the way along Venice and it only costs 7.50euro! Bargain!

We got on the boat at Ferrovia, near the train station and we were dropped off at San Marco. From here we slowly dawdled back at a relaxed pace.

We honestly didn’t feel hard done by, and we didn’t regret not taking a Gondola, a lot of people say it’s not really worth it, others disagree.

If I went back to Venice, and I had some extra cash, would I take a Gondola, yes I would, but that’s me!

My thoughts

I had no idea what Venice was really like – yes I knew there was lots of water but I really didn’t know that boat was the main form of transport! I loved it!

Ambulances, police and deliveries all use the water.

A beautiful place and surprisingly well priced for 2 poor travellers. We had a wonderful day – food and drink is good value – we were very happy – and for those of you touring with more money in your back pocket there are plenty of more extravagant places for you!

Tomorrow we make tracks to Slovenia!

There’s nothing better than being out here exploring the world and seeing what it’s really like.

This is living.



2 responses to “Venice, what a beautiful place!”

  1. Stephen says:

    I really love Venice! I spent an afternoon there, back in 2005, while waiting for another train to go elsewhere. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, just wandering around the city! I so look forward to going back there again.

    • Zoe says:

      We would go back too! We did the same as you – just wondered around with no goal or plan.It was perfect. I’d go back and do a tour and a gondola next

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