Telford to Evesham

Telford to Evesham

58.89 Miles
Clear skies
06:50 Hours

For the last 2 weeks life has been all about this bike tour – last week it was final packing, pulling everything together and organising panniers etc. This week, we left Stew’s mum’s home in Telford and began our 24,000 mile bike ride across the world.

What a feeling.

Our family arrived at Stew’s mums at 8am for pictures and a final “bye for now”. It wasn’t the lie in our mother’s had hoped for on Mother’s Day, but they weren’t going to miss waving us off!

By 9am we were on our bikes and we were off! We left in good sprits, but honestly, if I had allowed myself to I probably could’ve had a good cry! As expected I got around the corner and was overwhelmed. I managed to hold it together by convincing myself “you’re only biking to Evesham”.

Immediately after the knee-jerk reaction to leaving my loved ones behind, I was filled with a feeling that I can’t quite put my finger on, a perfect balance of peace and excitement. Stewart and I shared our thoughts on how freeing it is to know that everything we need to survive is on us right now, all packed carefully into 4 panniers, a handle bar bag, a saddle bag and a couple of frame bags.

We are totally free – we can go wherever we want.

Amazingly, on the way to Evesham, a very familiar face drove by just as we were tacking the hills between Telford and Bewdley…since the trip is so significant and everyone we’ve told has asked if it’s sponsored we choose to do the bike ride in loving memory of my best friend Leanne. As we were making tracks, Lynne, her mother and Mick, Leanne’s father drove past and stopped for a chat! It felt like it was fate! Lynne was especially disappointed that she couldn’t wave us off so the meeting was just what we all wanted!

Stew and I made tracks to Bewdley and yes it was tough! Lugging a 40kg bike is not easy – and probably for me in particular. Due to an operation training was a no-go. For 3 months I was pretty much completely inactive meaning I went from an 8kg bike to 40kg with about 3 bike rides inbetween! Nonetheless we made it to Bewdley for lunch where we were stopped by Gemma who works at Rab – training staff internationally. She had spotted our bikes, as she used to have a Genesis bike, then she saw the jackets and put 2 + 2 together! We had a chat with Gemma over lunch and it was lovely to be recognised!

Out of Bewdley the hills flattened out and we arrived after a very long 9 hours on the bike! As it was Sunday everything was shut so I popped into the small Polish store and picked up dinner. Ironically I couldn’t understand what half of the food was so walkout with frozen burger and chips! I wasn’t anticipating these sorts of troubles so early on!

It was a case of eating, showering and sleeping. We were exhausted.


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