Lyon to Cannes

Lyon to Cannes

322.87 Miles
32:30 Hours
Strong Head Wind

We’ve been cycling for 8 consecutive days. What’s nice is that it didn’t occur to us that we had cycled for 8 days until Stew thought about the F1 he wanted to watch.

“Isn’t it time for a break?” he asked

“Surely not! We’ve just left Lyon!” I couldn’t believe it had been 8 days since we left Lyon and we’re now creeping towards the Italian border!

Stew said a couple days ago that he felt we were officially cycled in, but until we had seen some decent climbs I was reluctant to agree.

Well the last 8 days have been wonderful, but they have been challenging. We pushed a headwind for 2 days and covered 80 miles, then we climbed more than we had climbed in one day on the trip so far. The descents have been equally savage, so steep I got off my bike and pushed. Pushing downhill, thats a new one!

Diet is better than ever and cycling every day is part of the parcel. I’m happy to announce that we feel we are cycled in and our new way of life is working for us. Overall, we could not be happier.

Over the last 8 days we cycled 322 miles, and what we want to be doing is closer to 390 miles and over 6 days. We’ll get there!

We took a day off in Cannes, quite tired and ready for some quiet time we opted for an AirBnB, we got the whole place for £31 a night. What a bargain! We’ve been able to please ourselves, cook our own meals (also saving money!), Stew’s caught up on the bike maintenance (great lad) and I’m backing up images and giving you the lowdown!

Our journey from Lyon to Cannes went through 7 stops: Beausemblant, La Voulte-sur-rhone, Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux, Carpentras, Les Manteaux, Rians and Bargemon – here are some of the highlights.

Meet Benjamin, our host in Beausemblant

Benjamin was another absolute gem, we found him on warmshowers. He was a fantastic host with some travelling tales of his own – some very entertaining!

As Benjamin was currently renovating his home we ended up staying wth Benjamin and his mother and we had a great evening!

We spent the evening eating pizza and sharing travelling stories. Benjamin particularly liked Russia and Canada and he had travelled in China. Some of his funniest anecdotes were from China – we listened intently as we have all that to come.

As it happened we planned a very short day for Sunday, about 40 miles. This meant we were able to enjoy a very leisurely breakfast and share stories about travel. As we were packing away I was reflecting on how great it was for me to “make a mistake” and book such a short day as we were able to enjoy Benjamin and Elisabeth’s company for longer…

Just as we were preparing to go Benjamin asks if we’d like to stay for lunch, of course we said yes!

Elisabeth prepared asparagus followed by lamb and potatoes followed by cheese and strawberries. It was delicious far better than anything I could’ve cooked!!

It dawned on me during lunch that it was Easter Sunday and usually we’d have a family meal. I was happy to spend Easter Sunday 2019 with Benjamin and Elisabeth.

I loved this day and look back on it fondly.

Meet Genevieve and Francois

Genevieve and Francois hosted us for one night in Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux. They were a beautiful couple, very happy and sweet! I can only hope that Stew and I will be as happy as these two!

I actually wrote a more full blog on these two, so rather than repeating it here you can visit that blog by clicking here.

Meet Baptise

We contacted Baptise about 2 weeks before we stayed with him.

Earlier in the journey Stew’s backlight broke so we had it posted to Paris as we were there for 3 days. Call it Sod’s Law, but the light was due to arrive on the 9th and we departed on the 10th. Typically the light arrived on the day we departed!

There was no way I wasn’t getting my hands on that light so we asked our Paris AirBnB host to post it to Baptise in Carpentras! Both obliged, I reimbursed Raphael in Paris and we have the light where it belongs, on the bike!

This little backlight just goes to show how amazing and kind people can be! Both Baptise and Raphael went out of their way to help us – 4 strangers came together to fulfil one objective!

Meet Anissa

Anissa was our Airbnb host in Les Manteaux , she was just lovely!

We were struggling to find Anissa’s home on arrival and she ended up driving 3km to find us – what an angel!

She let us wash our clothes, fed us very well the next morning and sent us away with her homemade brioche – we were supposed to save it for lunch, but it only made it to second breakfast.

Our first wild camp

I absolutely loved our first wild camp and I already cannot wait to do it again!

Before we settled down for the night Stew and I loaded our bikes up with 6 litres of water and some extra food for dinner and breakfast. Just as the bike was as heavy as it was all day we started to look for a camp spot. Of course, the next few miles would be savage uphills wouldn’t they! I really do mean savage aswell. First gear, out of the saddle steep!

Nevertheless, we made it, 10 miles later to a perfect spot where we set up for the night. We set up the tent, cooked a dinner and chilled out until the morning.

We need to refine our camping lifestyle a little more as I would LOVE to do it more often. I much prefer the freedom it gives you – there’s no destination, we can just cycle until we are done for the day and there’s less pressure of getting somewhere “on time”. Not only that but it saves money on accommodation so money can be spent on other things…like FOOD…or maybe if we ever get back on budget we can have some different experiences.


We rolled into Cannes at around 5pm on Saturday 27th. We booked an AirBnB as we were ready for some alone time. For £31 we got the best little apartment and we’ve been enjoying some downtime.

Tomorrow, we’re expecting to cross the border into Italy and I couldn’t be more excited about that!

Thank you!

Thanks a lot for reading all. I really do love the feedback received so far, it seems the content is enjoyed by all.

I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember and this trip gives time to do so, but  better than that – it gives me a reason to write again. I hope you all feel part of the journey!



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  1. Stephen says:

    I love reading this posts, Zoe. Keep it up!

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