Livry-Gargan to Lyon

Livry-Gargan to Lyon

387.36 Miles
Clear skies
61:22 Hours
Light Head Wind

We have made it to Lyon! We did not make it here direct from Livry-Gargan, let me tell you – it’s been a roller coaster of a journey! We’ve met some great people, cycled some totally flat roads, some hillier and spent 2 nights in a hotel with food poisoning! How’s that for eventful!

We travelled Livry-Gargan to Lyon via Chartrettes, Chevillion-sur-huillard, Tracey-sur-loire, Decize, Paray-le-monial, and a 2 nighter in La Tour-de-salvagn with a savage sickness before rolling into Lyon at 13:00 on 17th April. Here are some of the highlights!

Meet host, Ursula

Ursula was just a total superstar! I messaged her on the day before we wanted to stay with her – and she had a space for us! We were thrilled!

Ursula described warmshowers as the perfect community for bikepackers, as she says the hosts know exactly what you need: a shower, some good food, a good rest and some talks about bikepacking over dinner!

She was a perfect host who took great care of us. She had a wonderful outlook on life – she really appreciated the small things and trusted life to provide her with all she needs. Her own John O’ Groats to (almost) Lands End adventure had us entertained! Ursula explores using a paper map, she likes to fly by the seat of her pants – sleeping in her tent when she decides the cycling day is done. Ursula spoke highly of the UK and the people she met along the way!

Meet Ouiza!

Ouiza was our next host for the night. We found her on AirBnB. She was equally wonderful and very generous! We were able to wash our clothes and cook a meal in her kitchen.

Ouiza couldn’t speak any English so we muddled through with Google translate. Ouiza made the language barrier seem tiny with her willingness to find the joy in the struggles.

While we stayed with Ouiza we met her husband who sadly had Parkinsons, Ouiza cared well and dearly for him during our stay. He used to be a hunter and Ouiza was convinced that spending all the time outside, breathing in harmful chemicals that are sprayed on the land could be what cause his illness.

We told Ouiza about our bikeride – and all about CRY via Google Translate – Google Translate is an amazing tool!

Paray-le-Monial & Dutch Cyclists

One thing Stew and I need to get used to is that on a Sunday the shops are shut and it seems there are no exceptions. Not like in England where there is always a Tesco Express or One Stop etc. All shops are closed. We were okay as we had the following for a meal: spaghetti, jam, sweets, nuts. Okay it’s not conventional, but we could eat. It would’ve done.

Not particularly enthused by our meal we spoke to our AirBnB host, Veronique to see if she could recommend a shop nearby, she said the shops closed, but she could help us if needed. I asked if we could pay them for a meal – and Veronique was happy to oblige!

Stew and I ate a lovely 4 course meal with Veronique and her husband. We loved the conversation, again the language barrier was tricky, but we muddled through with some Frenglish, but mostly them speaking English!

We barely used Google Translate for this conversation, and I admit it was quite fun to talk without it.

There were many rooms in Veronique’s home, I think it was 10. When we turned up there were 2 other bike packers, a Dutch couple who were following Euro Velo 6 for 3 months. We had a quick natter in the morning! As it happens we had seem them in the town before we all arrived in Paray-Le-Monial. It’s a small world on Euro Velo 6!

Food Poisoning

Being cooped up in a hotel for 2 nights at £100/night was not exactly a highlight, but it was memorable!

I’ve already written about it on social – I’m done talking about it, but I had to at least reference those 48 horrific hours here!

Arriving in Lyon

And we finally made it! 2 days behind schedule, but really happy to be here! Lyon reminds us a little of Paris. We have such lovely hosts and time off the bike. We couldn’t be happier to be here.

I’ll fill you in on our stay in Lyon shortly!



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  1. Stephen says:

    Wonderful pictures! The food poisoning doesn’t sound too fun, though. Yuck. Still, never surrender. 🙂

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