Cannes to Treviso & Venice, Italy

Cannes to Treviso & Venice, Italy

630.9 Miles
51.50 Hours

Crossing into Italy was a really exciting milestone for the trip!

Italy and Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY)

In some ways, it wasn’t surprising to see a surge of donations as we crossed the border – as you know, we’re cycling in part for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) and Italy is a substantial milestone for this trip, not just for the challenge itself, but for the charity.

Stew and I decided to circumnavigate the world while raising awareness and sponsorship for a fantastic charity, close to my heart. We’re riding in part for Cardiac Risk In The Young – CRY

CRY are dedicated to raising awareness of cardiac arrest/sudden adult death syndrome. CRY work nationwide in the UK and organise FREE screenings for the UKs young people. So far they have screened 185,000 people!!

I’ve said it before, but Italy do a fantastic job of reducing SADs simply by testing young people who are engaged in organised sport. For this reason, it’s a pleasure to be cycling through this country!

Dr Cox, Chief Executive of CRY says:

“Although screening won’t identify all those at risk, in Italy, where screening is mandatory for all young people engaged in organised sport, they have reduced the incidence of young sudden cardiac death by 90%. This is because sport – whilst it does not actually cause sudden death – can significantly increase a young person’s risk if they have an underlying condition”

Please remember to drop a donation when you can:

The donations are really motivating to the trip and I just love to see the Leanne Brownhill memorial fund increasing.

Leanne was one of my best friends and since we lost her to SADs we (her friends and family) have been working hard to raise awareness and fundraising so others do not have to go through the tragedy of losing a loved one so suddenly.

Team Leanne have raised around £15,000 so far which is amazing!!

Italy & the highlights 

We’ve had a good time, cycling from Cannes and through Italy – don’t get me wrong, we did enjoy ourselves and we have been happy, but we didn’t really speak to anyone in all of Italy.

Consequently, we were left to figure our way through a foreign country alone. What this means is that we didn’t pick up any super good tips, there weren’t any “you have to go here” hints, so the route, for the most part was somewhat dull, but we did stumble upon some absolute gems -detailed below and pictured in the gallery!


The weather was good enough, so we ended up doing quite a lot of camping, some wild camping and other times finding a campsite.

This was really great for saving money and I have to admit- I LOVE camping, especially wild camping.

Wild camping is possibly my favourite way to end the day – especially if the sun is shining! I love the freedom is offers. By wild camping you can cycle until you’re pretty much bored of cycling. It means you’re not bound by check-in times or destinations. A couple times in Italy we were able to press on and do 70 mile days!

I love setting up our Hilleberg tent and knowing that this space is OUR space, our home for the night. There’s something about camping that is really special.

The Italian Coastline

Cycling from Cannes to Genoa was a real treat for much of the road. We had bright blue skies and we cycled along the beautiful blue sea for much of that road.

We stayed along the coast for 2-3 days before we headed inland. Whilst it was a treat to be in this part of the country we were happy to move away from the coast after 3 days. Whilst it is beautiful, it is busy and the drivers in Italy can be a little hectic!


As we made our way to Venice we cycled through Rosalina, this part of Italy is my absolute favourite (other than Venice). It was REALLY beautiful. It was a national park so we were not worried about finding a place to sleep at all! We were wrong to be so relaxed though because it was totally flat – TOTALLY FLAT  – there weren’t any trees which means a stealth camp is not that easy. Luckily it was a gorgeous evening, so we just carried on pedalling until we found a great spot. We were so happy there. The only downside every 1-2 hours the water pump would make a BIG noise, releasing air pressure – it sounded like the noise when you release the valve on an airbed…but REALLY loud…and it did that every 1-2 hours so all in all…a pretty shoddy nights sleep – oh well! You win some, you lose some!

Overall, Italy offered some spectacular views and we need to go back! We’ve been told that the best parts are Northern Italy, the Alps and south – Pisa, Tuscany, Florence – Italy is on the list for another tour, another day.


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