Day 4 – Lochinver to Laide

Day 4 – Lochinver to Laide

72.75 Miles
Intermittent Snow
10:00 Hours

The morning of day 4 was damp and cold. The day started out with an almost immediate wrong turn, but it wasn’t to difficult to notice as the road quickly dropped into the sea. My knees were in quiet bad shape this morning after probably pushing a bit to hard in the high gears on steep hills yesterday. I decided to take it a bit easier today and opted to push the bike on some of the steeper inclines. Despite being damp and cold the skies were clear and the wind was calm for the first hour of 2 of the day. After that things started to deteriorate and the rest of the way was a mix of overcast skies, fog and snow flurries.

I got quite a few friendly beeps and waves from motorists today who has seem me riding through the snow. They probably thought I was crazy for being out there but it was definitely a nice little moral boost when it happened. I also saw the German family who had kindly given me a lift to Durness at the Falls of Measach, Corrieshalloch Gorge. We exchanged a quick wave but sadly they were driving in the opposite direction so I didn’t have the opportunity to stop and speak to them.

Shortly after the Falls of Measach on the Fainmore road a heavy snow shower hit, It was a complete white out for a good 20 minutes or more. During the snow shower a car began to pass me from behind, as it was along side me the passenger window opened and an arm extended outwards to be give me a thumbs up before quickly disappearing again into blizzard. As the snow began to fall the wind also picked up giving me a huge tailwind. I was rocketing along at 20 MPH or more which would usually be great but turns out to not be so when your face is filling with snow.

The blizzard eventually passed but had left me freezing and soaking wet. What followed was exactly what I didn’t need, about 20 minute of down hill. Down hill into an icey wind and absolutely no need to pedal. I was feeling dangerously cold and started to look for a place to stay. I didn’t even want to imagine spending a night in the tent in these temperatures. I pushed on and on and on and eventually found a B&B at Laide.

Overall a challenging but enjoyable day. The encouragement from passers-by today has been very welcome and really helped to lift my mood. It’s also nice that I’ve covered a decent number of miles today.




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