Day 2 – Edinburgh to Thurso & Thurso to John O’ Groats and back!

Day 2 – Edinburgh to Thurso & Thurso to John O’ Groats and back!

40.62 Miles
03:05 Hours
Mostly Strong Wind

This JOGLE actually started off as a personal challenge for me and Stew – more for me really. Stew had already done his own 2500 mile JOGLE last year – details here.

We were lucky to get the time off work together and since the company we work in is always happy to support local charities they gave us the opportunity to cycle JOGLE sponsored – money raised is going to Shropshire Mind. We haven’t even put bums on saddles, yet we’ve raised £1365 (91%) of our revised target of £1,500 . Let’s see if we can make it to £2,000! The target’s going up!

Anyway, I’ve read this on other blogs – don’t underestimate how much land is up there in bonny Scotland! I took that with a pinch of salt, until I travelled from Edinburgh to Thurso – it’s a 7 hour train journey, plus a 2 hour break in Inverness. We stocked up on essentials – food and Water in Aldi. We need to carry extra water as it’s so hot and it’s pretty isolated up here – we can’t risk running out on an 80 mile bike ride tomorrow so that’s something else for Stewart to carry because I haven’t got the space on my bike (or the strength!!). During our 2 hour stay at Inverness we had a pit stop at Pizza Express. I accidentally ordered one of those slimmer pizzas where there’s a hole in the middle and salad, not quite the epic pre-1022 mile bike ride I was anticipating, but never mind it was actually great!

At 6pm we arrived Thurso! We checked into our apartment, dumped our stuff and cycled the 40 mile round trip to John O’ Groats. The adventure officially begins!

It was hell of a head wind all the way there, quite literally the worst I have ever experienced. Luckily, on the way back there was a decent tail wind, felt like an absolute blessing because that never happens. Any cyclists reading this can resonate with the smugness you feel when you’re riding into a headwind, at least it’ll be a tail wind back, right? Wrong. There’s never a tail wind…except for TODAY!

As soon as we got back to the apartment we ordered a HUGE Chinese, had showers and got straight into bed, ready for the next adventure.



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In April 2018, we met at work and bonded over our love of bikes and cycling! Within months we planned our first John O’Groats to Lands End together.

Luckily for us, Stewart is an experienced cyclist and has already completed a solo 2500 mile JOGLE. Zoe had been cycling for years, but only started taking cycling more seriously in 2017. Since we met cycling has been better and more adventurous than ever!

As of the 31st of March 2019 we are cycling 24,000 miles around the entire world.


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