Day 16 – Tiverton to Roche

Day 16 – Tiverton to Roche

81.69 Miles
08:03 Hours

You will need to excuse the very late update, but our Air BnB hosts were amazing! They checked us in, made sure we were okay – well fed and clothes washed then bought a bottle of wine and ciders! We all sat around the fire pit and had a perfect evening!

I guess you want to know about the cycling too! Well I’m glad that yesterday was a bit of a rotter because it really helped today. We cycled over 80 miles and my goodness it really is hilly down here!! That being said at 50 Miles it you had asked me how much I’d climbed I would’ve said it was much less than yesterday, but I would’ve been wrong! By 50 Miles we had climbed more than yesterday and still had 30 Miles to go! In total we climbed 6942 ft. That’s a record for me.

On route we met a family who had been cycling JOGLE for 9 years! Yes 9 years. They started when their son was 9 years old, doing segments as and when they could. They live in Scotland and have finally made it to Cornwall. Their style of travelling JOGLE meant weekend trips and I imagine lots of expensive train tickets along the way, but what a cool thing to do! That really takes some dedication.

What a difference 2 well slept people makes! The sun was shining, the views were stunning and our positivity was much higher than yesterday. Overall this day was just brilliant. At 71 Miles I checked in and asked how Stew was doing – he was good. We both knew we had the mileage in us despite the challenging climbs…yesterday, 20 Miles in we weren’t sure we could deliver 30 nevermind 80!

You can see from the images that we saw some beautiful sights. Simply couldn’t resist stopping to get a snapshot. We also stopped for a proper dinner around lunch time which was delicious.

We finally checked in at 8:30 (that’s 11 hours after we started!), but with the views and lunch we took 2.5 hours out…plus those hills really do slow you down! We have averaged less than 10mph – an all time low!

This morning we vowed not to focus too much on the miles left, it’ll take as long as it takes!

Rolling into Roche and having such lovely BnB hosts really topped the day off.



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In April 2018, we met at work and bonded over our love of bikes and cycling! Within months we planned our first John O’Groats to Lands End together.

Luckily for us, Stewart is an experienced cyclist and has already completed a solo 2500 mile JOGLE. Zoe had been cycling for years, but only started taking cycling more seriously in 2017. Since we met cycling has been better and more adventurous than ever!

As of the 31st of March 2019 we are cycling 24,000 miles around the entire world.


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